Undecided Collection, a seating solution for hybrid, contemporary and creative workplaces. Ravintola Teatterin Teatteribaari, Helsinki

Undecided Collection, a seating solution for hybrid, contemporary and creative workplaces. Ravintola Teatterin Teatteribaari, Helsinki

Manerba previews its evolution of the Undecided Sofa in Helsinki – the country of one of its two designers, Ilkka Suppanen, who together with Raffaella Mangiarotti, conceived it.
The Undecided collection expands the sofa concept as already launched last April at Salone del Mobile, by expanding it also to large and small armchairs. The modular structure is designed to house cushions in a free compositional model.

The strong suit of the Undecided collection lies in the opportunity to play with its very defining variables: sizes (2 or 3 seats and the armchair), height combinations with 2, 3 and 4 lines of cushions, which define the various functions, and the endless colour combinations that can derive from it, not to mention the fixed or swivel base.
But that’s not all: this system is very easy to maintain and clean (you may remove and wash even a single cushion without having to clean the whole sofa).

The sofa is conceived for office spaces, but it perfectly meets all characteristics to be used for home furnishing.
A single concept open to multiple interpretations, it brings out diversity and meets all aesthetic and practical requirements: cushions can turn into the elements of a “personal mosaic”, thus stimulating a creative, decision-making process that current studies seem to associate with dynamic, comfortable workplaces, free from the static and sclerotic model of traditional offices.
The collection, therefore, defines a new landscape easily adapted to multiple types of ambiences and architectures.

The name of the collection ironically refers to when you have to take a business decision: an almost magical place, cosy and warm, where you sit down undecided and get up with clear ideas. A sofa meant for workplaces being relentlessly redefined: from low-rise versions meant to stimulate conviviality, to mid-rise versions to rest your head and relax for a bit, to the high-rise model for a private, confidential and informal space; a comfortable and soundproof place to talk face to face as you sit comfortably on soft cushions.

In the high version, the sofa and armchair turn into extraordinary soundproof elements, certified by the Giordano sound institute (certified by Accredia) pursuant to European standard UNI EN ISO 354:2003 which provides the criteria for sound absorption in a reverberating chamber.
The result is expressed using a coefficient (alpha-w) which in our case amounts to 0.80 (1 being the highest value). This result places our product in soundproof class B (outstanding performance). The sofa is matched with the Litta coffee table series, a round platform suitable for state of the art technology, as well as mood-boards and cahier de notes.


Undecided Sofa 2 seater: L. cm. 180 x P. cm. 80 x backrest H cm 160
Big swivel armchair: L. cm. 105 x D. cm. 72 x backrest H. cm 165
Small swivel armchair: L. cm 80 x D. cm. 60 x backrest H cm 100

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Undecided Collection at Fioraio Bianchi Caffè - Milano0001
Undecided Collection at Fioraio Bianchi Caffè - Milano0002
Undecided Collection at Fioraio Bianchi Caffè - Milano0003