The Office + Retrofit® project of MANERBA – a historical Company of Mantova specializing in office furniture design – has been chosen by the ADI Design’s Permanent Observatory for publication in the first volume of the ADI Design Index 2011 for the new three-year cycle, presented in a preview on November 30 at the Triennale of Milan, and which is screening the candidates for the next ADI Compasso d’Oro award.

This prestigious international award is the most outstanding acknowledgement of the quality of the production and design of Italian goods, services and design systems, and for more than fifty years has achieved the biggest Historical Collection of DeSigns, in 2004 declared a ‘National asset’ (D. M. 22.04.2004).
Office+Retrofit®, achieved in cooperation with MAin, the designer of Studio Sovrappensiero and the Advanced Design Research Unit – INDACO Dept. of the Milan Polytechnic Institute, coordinated by Prof. Flaviano Celaschi, has pooled together designers, architects, operators of the worlds of culture, art and innovation, to devise a ‘second life cycle’ for furniture.

The important annual screening phase was conducted by about 150 experts, organized in commissions operating on three different levels – regional, themes and final screening – following a strict work methodology and exclusive criteria of merit. The latter acknowledgements were given to the ambitious and innovative experimental project of MANERBA.

The Laboratory O+R for disassembling and retrofitting started off in October 2010 at the Company’s head office with experimentations on the first items, using office production leftovers and off-range collections. Just a few months later, it created a new collection of complete ‘Office+Retrofit®’ furniture.

The term ‘Retrofit’ refers to the development and functionalizing of outdated items, and deals with the bulk of the material, aesthetics, field of evaluation and predictability and norms, so as to develop a platform for reutilization in keeping withc conditions of ecologic sustainability and sensitivity.
With the growing awareness of the production sector and the most important avant garde artists and designers toward this great issue in society today such as the reutilization of goods, ‘Office + Retrofit®’ proposes innovative operational modes for the reduction of economic investments related to the disposal and storage of used products, or more generally, the refurbishing of the work place.

This prestigious prize once again demonstrates the continual experimentation and profound sensitivity of MANERBA which is able to recover resources through innovative procedures that target the quality of life in the work place, encompassing broader social issues. ‘Evolving Office’ is in fact the payoff factor identifying the Company’s corporate philosophy and mission, enhancing awareness within the world of contemporary office deSign, and foreseeing the need to reinvent these sites with the optimization of sustainability, the key to the interpretation of future trends.