Office + Retrofit™: A second life for objects

Projects for renewing design culture for workspace evolution. Presented today the first ‘Office + Retrofit’ (O+R) laboratory prototypes with a new call to designers and architects.

Following the enormous success of the K_word and Revo collections, recognised respectively in the 2010 and 2008 Good Design Awards, experimental work continues without respite at Manerba with ‘Office + Retrofit’ (O+R). A project involving designers, architects, experts in the fields of culture, art and innovation invited to imagine ‘a second life’ for on-stock furnishing. The ‘Office + Retrofit’ Laboratory, opened last October, unveils the first prototypes today.

‘Office + Retrofit’ (O+R) is a contemporary project which sees positive interaction between three subjects in achieving success: the customerwho must be informed and anxious to stand out on the basis of the best cost/benefit ratio; the production and installation firm which must possess top products as well as the ability to experiment and adapt to customers, and lastly the architectural designer who must be able to interpret needs, making the best possible use of the products and technologies offered by the manufacturer, providing shape and form to an overall choice where his personality is the uniting force.Manerba, in this initial experimental phase, offers designers willing to accept the challenge the possibility to evolve and experiment a new design culture together, based on the partial or total reuse of existing furniture and giving objects a second life.

Customers and designers who are interested can ask Manerba for a free project which envisages the application of the Office + Retrofit project, whose result will be an illustrated paper developed in conjunction with the Milan Polytechnic, complete with all design specifications.