K_WORD: quality in evolution

K_WORD: quality in evolution

The collection provides new technical solutions which efficiently resolve the cabling system and improve the workstation ergonomics.

1 – The wiring panel integrated with the trestle leg aims to resolve with a minimal design the vertical electrical cables management up to the worktop. The system consists in a “shell” composed by two metal panels applied between the legs and easily removable in order to allow the inspection. The system includes inspection under-trays.

2 – The “break” collection is completed by the new round tablediameter cm. 100, with 4-star base and support column diameter mm. 80.

3 – The desk has height adjustable legs with a handle telescopic height system that allows an height range of 20 cm. (min cm. 65 to max cm. 85) complying with the range required by the new European Rule EN 527-1/2011 –Type A (entirely adjustable).

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