K-Word Coffee tables

Designed by
Giovanni Giacobone + Massimo Roj
CMR Project

K-Word completes its offer with a series of round tables and upholstery designed for break and relax areas, and able to create real and proper furnishing “landscapes” where relations and interaction are improved in order to increase comfort and productivity in the office.

The detail of the K-Word high table
Coffee tables in different colours and finishes
The K-Word tables encourage relationships and socialization, to increase well-being even in the workplace.
K-Word coffee table designed in a pretty composition
Refinement is the key word for this composition of Wood stools and K-Word coffee table.
Table from the K-Word Coffee Tables collection with two Wood stools
Coffee table with seats from the Cup collection by Manerba Spa
Technical informations
Technical Data
Coffe table Ø60
F978 Ø60x55h
F800 Ø60x74h
F808 Ø60x105h
Round table Ø100
F804 Ø100x74h
Square table
F810 100x100x74h
Base for bench L90
F820.1S 90x46,2x46,2h
F820.1 90x44,4x46,2h
Base for bench L45
F821.1S 45x46,2x46,2h
F821.1 45x44,4x46,2h
Cushion for bench
F839.1S 135x46,2x7h
F839.1 135x44,4x7h
F840.1S 135x46,2x7h
F840.1 135x44,4x7h
Bench on castors with cushion
F890 45x44,4x58h
Rectangular table
F878 100x45x32h
Round table
F879 Ø60x50h
Colors & Finishes
R5 Bianco nuvola
R4 Grigio
R20 Bianco perla
R22 Grigio chiaro
R12 Rovere Svezia
R25 Rovere chiaro
R15 Noce foresta
R2 Grafite
R14 Larice bruno
R30 Frassino
R31 Olmo natura
R32 Rovere bronze
R33 Ciliegio
R34 Leccio
R35 Quercia
R36 Larice grigio
R41 Acero Canada
R42 Olmo bruno
R16 Sabbia
R17 Tabacco
R18 Nero
BL2 Blu notte
BL10 Avorio
M9 Bianco
M3 Grafite
A1 Bianco ghiaccio
A2 Rosa quarzo
A3 Sabbia
A4 Tabacco
A5 Grigio basalto
A6 Nero
A7 Corallo
A9 Blu iron
A10 Acqua marina
A11 Salvia
A20 Blu notte
A30 Rosso fluo
A31 Giallo fluo