Wonder Office Salone del Mobile.Milano 9-14 Aprile 2019

Wonder Office Salone del Mobile.Milano 9-14 Aprile 2019

Salone del Mobile.Milano
9-14 April 2019
Hall 6 Stand C31

Manerba, 50 years of Evolving Offices.
Female energy at the Salone del Mobile for a flexible and desirable wonder office.

Manerba attends the 58th edition of Salone del Mobile, with a project based on the business heritage of the company, that celebrates this year the fiftieth annyversary of its establishment, to propose a “boutique” vision of the office, a wonder office dreamed of and desired by each one of us, and above all a friendly one (in a set up arranged by Studio Milo). Every material, finish, shade is not accidental but functional to its definition, to accomplish a highly customizable harmonic workspace, which we would all like to experience in order to work well.

Manerba will welcome the visitors of the Salone in Hall 6 with the involvement of a cosmopolitan design “voice”, Philippe Nigro, who designed Stem for the evolving offices company: not a simple bookcase, but a microarchitectural structure, 3 elements: columns, crossbeams and shelves, from which an “infinity system” of design solutions for the office develops and sprouts in height as in width (and in time): containing bookcase, partition, wardrobe, “acoustic device”, lounge area … precisely like the leaves from the stem.

Stem bookcase partition Philippe Nigro
Stem bookcase partition Philippe Nigro
Detail of Stem bookcase partition Philippe Nigro
Stem bookcase partition Philippe Nigro

The thirty-year-old designer Federica Biasi has been appointed the company’s creative direction, symbolically entrusted to her in the year of the fiftieth anniversary, with the aim of creating a young and contemporary, feminine and elegant style, able to interpret and satisfy the new ways of living and working. Each product combines in a coherent way, enhancing the creative expression of Manerba and its concept of gentle total office, attentive to the well-being of the individual and the recovery of the privacy sphere, even in open and co-working environments.

Simply we do not work as we did 50 years ago, but not even as last year. The office is not dead, has reinvented itself. It is more and more transversal, as devices have moved them elsewhere: in museums, airports, hotel lobbies, cafés, co-working… And for Manerba changing and evolving using the so typically feminine intuition and kindness represent the art de vivre, rather the art de travailler. 

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Manerba al Salone del Mobile 2019
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