Conspicuous investment aimed at adapting products to UNI-EN Standards plus attention focussed on ergonomic aspects, with our products achieving high levels of quality and performance, are further, solid proof of Manerba’s mission to be of service to safety and health at the workplace.

A case in point is the brand-new UNI-EN 527/2011 certification, valid since June 2011, which requires workplaces to comply with new requirements set as compulsory standards in Legislative Decree 81/2008.

The most recent certifications achieved concern:
* Series K_word (for desks, drawer units and containers) – UNI-EN 527/03 (for desks) and UNI-EN 14073/14074 (for containers and drawer units);
* Click Eco desks – new standard UNI-EN 527/2011;
* Energy and Blog seats – complying with standard UNI-EN N1335class A;
* Vogue and Bridge seats, to UNI-EN 13761/02 standard.

Our full set of certifications is available in the volume “Manerba Certifications”.

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