Linking the south and the north / A matter of perception – Palazzo Litta, Milano 4 – 9 Aprile 2017

Linking the south and the north / A matter of perception – Palazzo Litta, Milano 4 – 9 Aprile 2017

Inside the exhibition ‘Linking The South and The North’, which presents the joint work of the Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen and the Italian designer Raffaella Mangiarotti, Manerba is previewing ‘Undecided sofa’, a sofa whose original name ironically refers to when you have to take a business decision: an almost magical place, cosy and warm, where you sit down undecided and get up with clear ideas.

Undecided sofa is one of the first results of product coming from a research that Raffaella Mangiarotti has been carrying out for years in close relation with the company to achieve a domestic image and emotion in the office. The research has started five years ago with a systemic study on materials, finishes and colours, that today has become a distinctive and key point of the company identity and image.

The project answers the need for innovation in our relations between work space/domestic space and private space/public space, closely linked to the new concept of living physical space in this age of constant connection.
Seating for workspaces bringing total mutation and redefinition; a synthesis between Scandinavian simplicity and Italian elegance: the high, upholstered back is an invitation to carve out a private and reserved niche, where people can meet informally. A convenient and soundproof location, where you can talk face to face, leaning on the soft cushions.

The sofa itself is a composition of upholstered parts which overlap: as you wear your favourite duvet jacket, Ilkka Suppanen and Raffaella Mangiarotti have designed a sofa for us to experience, while working, the same comfort as when we chat under the duvet.
The name is intended as a tribute, not only to the sensations of relaxation – even in a meeting -, but also to the wide range of colours and upholstery fabrics, freely combined, from the many-coloured to the more sober. Maybe ‘Undecided sofa’ can even give you a hand in choosing!

Undecided sofa was designed with a high back, but is also available with a medium or low back.

Dimensions: L. cm. 232 x D. 79 cm. H. back 114 cm x H. seat 160 cm

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