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Zero srl

Zero Srl is based in Milan City Life and boasts a team of 25 professionals including project managers, consultants, creative talents, graphic designers, developers, systems engineers with the aim of bringing together advanced skills in the most innovative technological sectors.
In the project, developed by architect Nicola Salami, functionality and innovation are combined with design through the harmony of materials and colour.
For the executive furnishings, the Revo collection was chosen with a back-lacquered glass top and night blue painted structure in perfect colour consistency with the partition wall profiles and the fumé grey transparent glass.
For the operative area, the company opted for the minimal You Eco collection with thin table tops and hidden cable management that enhances the elegance of the lines.
The Wallsystem glass partition walls outline the spaces in perfect chromatic harmony with the furnishings thanks to the painted profiles and the coloured glasses that allow the natural light to filter through, enriching it with fumé nuances.

Supply location
Zero Srl via Tortona 37, Milan (Italy)
Completion of the work
April 2019
Products supplied
Executive and operative furniture and partition walls
Revo, You Eco, Wallsystem