Progetto CMR

A unique place for a great know-how.
The new headquarters represent the accomplishment of decades-long experience of Progetto CMR professionals, gathering in a single place the know-how in the field of space planning, with particular reference to smart-working concept, sustainability good practices, furniture and products designed by the architectural firm.
The new headquarters are located in the south-east of the city, in a highly culturally active area. The smart-working concept is prevalent: although the six half-floors are thought for hosting different jobs and activities, each space is designed to change according to work purposes. The leitmotiv of the spaces in the new headquarters is also the passion for rock music and for its iconic performers.

Supply location
Milano (Italy)
Completion of the work
Products supplied
Executive office furniture, operative furniture, working space, meeting rooms furniture
K-Word, T-Leg, Revo, K-Box