Philippe Nigro

French designer born in Nice. He carries out its activity between France and Italy. He studied Applied Artsand Product Design ( Vinci, Antibes-La Martinière, Lyon-Boulle, Paris).The work of Philippe Nigro is characterized by the connection between experimental research and pragmatic analysis of the "savoir-faire" of clients with whom he works. He began his experience alongside M. De Lucchi with whom he participated in many product projects, furniture, lighting, interiors, events, sets . Various experimental projects were supported by the French VIA (Valorisation ofInnovation in Furniture).In 2014 he was awarded the recognition of designer of the year Maison & Objet. Some of his projects are present in the collections of the Center Pompidou and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris including Twin-Chairs, T.U, Confluence.

Shane Schneck

Shane Schneck is an American designer based in Sweden, where he founded his Office for Design studio inStockholm in 2010.International in his attitude and outlook, he previously lived and worked in Milan with thePiero Lissoni studio. His work has received international recognition, winning Red Dot, iF and Wallpaper design awards. His design ethos is to create simple yet innovative products that challenge industry standards. His products often contain an element of surprise, or are somehow playful or bold in their conception. Perhaps in their colour, form or use of materials.

Raffaella Mangiarotti

Raffaella Mangiarotti lives and works in Milan. She graduated cumlaude in Architecture with Tomàs Maldonado at the Milan Polytechnic in 1991. In 1994 she finished a doctorate in Environmental design. In 1999 she established the Deepdesign studio with Matteo Bazzicalupo, designing appliances and consumer electronics for the most important international companies. She holds more than 20 patents. She also works alone, especially in the furniture, accessory and creative direction sectors. Some of her products are exhibited in museums and are part of their permanent collections and have been awarded major international design awards. Her projects have been exhibited in both collective and personal exhibitions at international level.

Ilka Suppanen

Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen (born 1968) studied architecture at the University of Technology in Helsinki and interior architecture and furniture design at the Helsinki University of Art and Design.The designer finished his design studies at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, in 1992, and in 1995 he founded the agency Studio Suppanen.In 1997 Ilkka Suppanen and his colleagues founded the Snowcrash design cooperative, one of Finland's most prominent design groups at the time. In 1997, Suppanen and the Snowcrash team received the Young Designer of the Year Award in Germany. In 1998 Ilkka Suppanen was nominated for the Dedalus Prize for Young European Designers by Ettore Sottsass.I n 2000, Design Forum awarded Ilkka Suppanen and Harri Koskinen as YoungDesigners of the Year. Suppanen also received the Scandinavian Bruno Mathsson Award in 2006. Ilkka Suppanen's works have been exhibited all over the world and the most important international showcases include theBiennale inVenice, the Milan International Furniture Fair and the New York MoMA.

Paolo Pampaloni

Paolo Pampanoni is an architect, he lives and works in Umbria where in 2000 he founded a studio specialized in work architecture, hotel design and product design.His "modus operandi" is based on "performance" principles, according to which every aspect of design, of spaces or products, must have a formal, functional, technical or economic performance.His deep experience as a production consultant has allowed him to elaborate an original design method applied in offices and operative spaces that, starting from the analysis of the work, from the evaluation of the strategies, from the detection of the equipment, from the analysis of times and methods , allows you to develop projects that truly comply with customer's needs.Since2003 he began to work in industrial design, designing storage walls for offices and elaborate furnishing systems, and art direction to "establish”links between products and users. In 2017 he founded D+ A Srl, a company working in the design and communication fields,e stablished with the aim of providing a complete service to the companies that produce and want to clearly define their corporate image.

Progetto CMR – Giovanni Giacobone, Massimo Roj

Progetto CMR is a company specialized in integrated design, founded in 1994 with the aim of creating a flexible, efficient and eco-sustainable architecture by applying a method that starts with the analysis of customer needs. The head office is in Milan and has offices in different cities around the world:Rome, Athens, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Istanbul, Jakarta, Moscow, Prague, Tianjin and is a partner ofEAN-European Architect Network. The company is structured in three macro areas: architecture, engineering, design, which operate in an integrated way to offer customized, innovative and sustainable solutions.Since 2010 ProgettoCMR is among the top 100 architecture studios in the world reported by BD World Architecture Top100.For over 30 years, Massimo Roj has worked as a consultant in the fields of space planning, interior design and architecture in Italy and abroad. In 1994 he established Progetto CMR in Milan. VisitingProfessor at TianjinUniversity and Beijing Jiaotong University, in 2018 he was appointed"Ambassador of Italian Design" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Since 1999Giovanni Giacobone leads and coordinates the Industrial Design Division of Progetto CMR, designing objects for the home and the office that integrate design, technology, functionality and environmental sustainability.

Sovrappensiero Design Studio

Sovrappensiero Design Studio was founded in 2007 by Lorenzo De Rosa and Ernesto Iadevaia, designers from south of Italy, now based in Milan. Recognized among the most interesting emerging designers in the Italian scene, over the years they have proved that they know how to approach the project from different points of view: experimental research but also industrial production, the limited edition next with the art design world but also the small functional intuition, set-up design and interior design. The solicitations of the street culture marry the stimuli of art and contemporary design and so the synthesis of Sovrappensiero begins to be recognizable, respected and required: today they collaborate with different companies of Italian design such as Porada, Bialetti, Mamoli, Vibram, Incipit, Corraini, WayPoint and Manerba, as well as with the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Bologna and NABA.