Design by
Raffaella Mangiarotti + Ilkka Suppanen

Rich and minimal, chargable and light, with no edges and welcoming.

Independently or in team, any work flow at present asks for a desk top. Desks, tables and small tables of the Litta collection drive any daily varied activity.
When working you need to concentrate, share ideas, a quick lunch, drink a coffee when watching a video or scroll a paper presentation on a solid surface.
Litta products are stiff but light, radical and welcoming as well.
The metal structure, chrome-plated or painted is folded and welded with non visible joint thanks to a traditional metal working technique, in Mantua dating back to the Renaissance.
The desk top is movable: an effective battery allows to charge computer, tablets, phones for weeks and move to work outside, in the garden, on a terrace or simply in a different room.
The Litta collection perfectly matches Italian elegance with the straight Scandinavian lines, wide surfaces and essential lines.

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Oval table from the Litta collection in a design office and meeting room
Table from the Litta collection suitable for design offices and meeting rooms, designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti & Ilkka Suppanen.
Vista dall’alto di un tavolo collezione Litta con tre poltrone di design
The Litta oval conference table, an essential protagonist in the design of a design meeting room
Dettaglio di una presa USB nella scrivania per ufficio
Harmony, functionality, elegance and adaptability characterize Litta, the executive table for design meeting rooms
Foto di un tavolo della collezione Litta all’interno di un magazzino
Litta operating table, lightness and solidity given by the absence of joints according to the refined Mantuan metallurgical tradition
Foto still life di un tavolo collezione Litta con tre poltrone di design
The modern and essential design of the Litta collection makes the oval executive table the perfect complement for a meeting room
Technical informations
Technical Data
Free-standing desk
ST142F02 180x85x74h
ST142F04 220x85x74h
ST142F06 260x85x74h
Desk with top-access
ST142TM02 180x85x74h
Desk with top-access
ST142TC04 220x85x74h
ST142TC06 260x85x74h
Colors & Finishes
L7 - Matte lacquered
L8 - Laminate Plywood
M2 - Painted metal
M4 - Chromed metal