Manerba at Casa Marcegaglia

Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mantua)
Manerba at Casa Marcegaglia

Special order of Manerba collections, purpose-built for the recently opened and innovative museum and training space Casa Marcegaglia, established within the Marcegaglia Group headquarters in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mantua) and designed to recount the history and values of the Italian industrial group, world leader in steel processing.
The permanent museum structure, which houses a state-of-the-art Academy, was built to an architectural design by Vittorio Longheu, with exhibition development from Studio Chiesa.
Casa Marcegaglia stands on a space of 1300 square meters and is organized in several thematic stages, each brought to life by works of art and equipped with interactive installations and multifunctional displays.

To furnish the three areas designated for lectures, the library and the Academy, the Manerba technical office designed special Apollo desks with refined finishings, customized according to the client’s needs.
The Apollo desks, designed by Shane Schneck, feature a minimalist design and a distinctive hollow semicircular leg, which houses the cables directly connected to the super-matt white Fenix thermolaminate work surface, combined with sable powder coatings for the aluminum legs.

The supply was completed with a custom production of fixed techno-polymer seats from the Artis collection, fitted with casters from the Body collection, also in techno-polymer.

Manerba and the Marcegaglia Group, both historical industrial organizations in the Mantuan area, share the values of respect for expertise and professionalism.
Manerba’s projects combine craftsmanship and industrial strength: the excellence of the Boutique and the capabilities of Industry. The goal is to give life to workspaces that are pleasant, functional and highly customizable, enabling people to feel good and work efficiently.
Manerba is an industrial player capable of tackling large-scale contract furniture projects and supplies, with the same expertise inherent to tailor-made projects.
A workshop with over 50 years of experience, where design, industry and craftsmanship all coexist.

Ph credits: Federica Bottoli

Supply location
Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mantua – Italy)
Completion of work
Products supplied
Furnishing of Meeting Rooms; Conference Rooms; Classroom Furniture; Executive Desks; Operational Desks
Apollo, Artis, Body

Collection used