FGF srl

In collaboration with PLS DESIGN, an important architectural firm in Florence, Manerba creates the offices and laboratories of this historic company that operates in the field of high fashion leather accessories.
An important architectural structure that mixes the use of industrial materials with large internal openings in the building, has been furnished using the rigour of total white furnishings in the Revo and You Eco collections.
In the passing through areas, the reception alternates with the perfectly integrated containers to the architectural structures and the Cup collection, colour accents in the evanescent white of the furnishings.
The impressive laboratory workstations, created according to the customer’s requests, represent the open space heart of FGF production.

Supply Location
Casenuove Taiuti – Campomigliaio, Florence (Italy)
Completion of the work
March 2019
Products supplied
Partition walls and furnishings
You Eco, Revo, Wallsystem