Colour Project

The Manerba project now has all the colours of the palette available on all surfaces.It sounds easy, but just look around and you will see this is not the case.This achievement is the result of research developed since 2011 on colour and finishes which has defined a broad scope of chromatic moods.From neutral, light colours inspired by Scandinavian taste to lively Mediterranean moods, then techno, with fluorescent and electric shades and finally the more classical.

The same commitment was also called for on the metal finishes: from classical chrome to the entire spectrum of finishes which simulate the more noble metals, both new and aged. Equally fine research was devoted to wood types, laminates and fabrics.


Manerba has thus created an extensive database of combinations and scenarios, available for architects, and the 4 examples represented here are merely a small extract from our research.Those working with colour know how difficult it is to obtain monochromes on different materials. Alldeveloped using a wide range of colours. Manerba sees the study of colours, materials and finishes as a path which evolves continuously.

The meeting between design and colour implies the selection of materials and the attention to high levels of quality, technical content and standards, ensuring products which are made to last and environmentally sustainable.