Product Design Philippe Nigro

 Philippe Nigro designs Stem bookcase starting from the pragmatic analysis of Manerba “know how” and from the idea of linking simple basics: three components – columns, metal crossbeams and shelves. From their combinations an “infinity system” is born. Its structure with columns of unexpectedly abundant sections and the materials (first of all, solid wood) are the main characters of this system, that arises as a microarchitecture: it develops in solid modules or more well-structured systems as the leaves from the Stem. The name comes from this main feature.
Clean, soft and welcoming lines, as it is the office by Manerba, define this system carachterised by endless modularity and also visual solidity which can develop in height and width, to identify professional spaces and to develop ideas. It is perfect for separating, linking, organising, dividing and limiting.


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Working Safe, Home Office

Stem Angolare
Stem bookcase angolare
Stem per separare, unire, organizzare, attendere, contenere
Seduta imbottita integrata
Stem acoustic door
Library designed by Philippe Nigro for Manerba Spa
Basic structure of the Stem storage unit
Stem: gioco di incastri e varianti per ottimizzare lo spazio
Composition of Stem with some cupboard
Stem collection designed for Manerba Spa by Philippe Nigro
Detail of storages and structure
Structure of the Stem collection high bookcase
Structural shelves are in oak wood and containment elements in matt lacquered wood
Technical informations