Colour Shelves

Manerba’s chromatic research continues. Libra open shelving unit is the essence of the iconic steel shelves reinterpreted in the delicate and tactile colors of quartz rose, sand, tobacco, basalt gray and aquamarine. Libra well fits in transversal spaces such as library, home, office, canteen areas always coordinated with the colors of the desks.

Image of a gray shelf leaning against the wall with objects on the various shelves
Shelves metal shelving in steel reinterpreted with a delicate color scheme for operational offices
Photograph of two colorful Color Shelves collection shelves with decorative objects
Shelves shelving for home office, reception, operational offices with delicate and tactile tones
Close-up of a blue shelf in a garden in front of an ancient statue
The iconic metal shelving reinterpreted with soft lines and the delicate tone of Shelves
Technical informations
Colors & Finishes
A1 Bianco ghiaccio
A2 Rosa quarzo
A3 Sabbia
A4 Tabacco
A5 Grigio basalto
A6 Nero
A7 Corallo
A9 Blu iron
A10 Acqua marina
A11 Salvia
A20 Blu notte